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Get  To Know Your E-board!

Danny Do

Sun Lee

Kayla Nguyen

Position: President

Major: Computer Science

Year: Senior

Why I love VSA: "It has helped shape the person I am today, giving me new experiences, friends, and perspectives."

Fun Fact: "The day I regret the most is the day I got a debit card because I am now an Amazon addict."

Position: Internal Vice President

Major: Computer Science

Year: Sophomore

Why I love VSA: "Because I can learn a lot of useful Vietnamese terminology."

Fun Fact: "I love cracking fingers, both my own and others', and toe pinching people."

Position: External Vice President

Major: Biology

Year: Senior

Why I love VSA: "It unites people through the appreciation of Vietnamese culture and service."

Fun Fact: "I don't know how to hold chopsticks correctly."

Cindy Tran

Alyson Vu

Position: Secretary

Major: Biology

Year: Sophomore

Why I love VSA: "Because of all the fun events VSA has."

Fun Fact: "I have a pet bunny named Charlie."

Position: Public Relations Officer

Major: Industrial Engineering

Year: Sophomore

Why I love VSA: "Because of all of the free food opportunities duh"

Fun Fact: "I truly believe in the butterfly effect. So, any little thing that happens could have a huge impact on my life in the future."

Position: Treasurer

Major: Biochemistry

Year: Junior

Why I Iove VSA: "It gives me the opportunity to further explore my Vietnamese culture and the people of VSA are my second family."

Fun Fact: "I know every HSM and Cheetah Girls song by heart."

Shirley Tran

Megan Le

Joseph Bagert

Position: Historian

Major: Chemical Engineering

Year: Junior

Why I love VSA: "I love that you can meet and connect with people you normally wouldn't on a daily basis."

Fun Fact: "In 2015, I was ranked #1 on the Candy Crush leader board worldwide."

Position: Sports Coordinator

Major: Construction Management

Year: Senior

Why I love VSA: "It is so open and accepting of everyone. VSA is about more than the individual. The people make you feel welcomed and part of a family."

Fun Fact: "I definitely don't order dishes with an accent at Vietnamese restaurants."

Tania Wilson

Position: Graphic Designer

Major: Computer Science

Year: Sophomore

Why I love VSA: "It makes me feel like I'm a part of something bigger."

Fun Fact: "I broke my finger playing cards."

Position: Freshman Representative

Major: Psychology

Year: Freshman

Why I love VSA: "I like VSA because of the community and fun events."

Fun Fact: "Sometimes it can take me an hour to finish my food. I like to eat really slow because I want to savor my food."

Victoria   Luong

Senior Advisors

Linh Nguyen

Thao Vi Luong

Position: Senior Advisor

Major: Biology

Year: Senior

Why I love VSA: "VSA has given me opportunities to try new and exciting things as well as opportunities to form lifelong relationships."

Fun Fact: "I can spend hours watching useless YouTube videos."

Position: Senior Advisor

Major: Biology

Year: Senior

Why I love VSA: "Because no matter how busy my life gets, I know my VSA family will always welcome me with open arms. That's why I'm #ForeverVSALSU!"

Fun Fact: "Don't let my appearance fool you. I burp like a dude." 

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