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VSA-LSU stands for Vietnamese Student Association at Louisiana State University. We are a 501 (c)(3) non-profit student organization, committed to spreading awareness of the Vietnamese culture and having a voice in our local community. Through various charitable, social and cultural events, we are able to enrich and preserve our Vietnamese identity. We thank you for taking interest in our organization!


our mission statement

Our mission as the Vietnamese Student Association is to strengthen the Vietnamese-American awareness in our college and community. We will accomplish this by having our members well-informed and active in social and cultural events. Our goals are to participate in community service and contribute to charitable organizations. Most importantly, we aim to create a sense of unity between the Vietnamese and American societies.


Dr. John Hopkins is an elite chemistry professor and has been VSA’s long-standing advisor. Equipped with knowledge of the Vietnamese people and culture, Dr. Hopkins continues to guide VSA throughout its years.

President - Danny Do

Internal Vice President - Sun Lee

External Vice President - Kayla Nguyen

Secretary - Cindy Tran

Treasurer - Shirley Tran

Public Relations Officer - Alyson Vu

Historian - Megan Le

     Sports Coordinator - Joseph Bagert

Graphic Designer - Tania Wilson

Freshman Representative - To Be Announced

Senior Advisors - Linh Nguyen & Thao Vi Luong

CPP stands for: Collective Philanthropy Project. Each year VSA's across the nation come together to raise money for a single charity.

This year's charity is Pacific Links Foundation. Their mission is to empower youth to end human trafficking. Pacific Links Foundation leads counter-trafficking efforts at the frontiers of Vietnam by increasing access to education, providing shelter and reintegration services, and enabling economic opportunities.

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